Dash Camera for compatible MoTeC C Series Displays.

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This Dash Camera allows for a signal input into a C12X or C18X color display for viewing live on screen imagery. Can be used as a reverse camera, and displayed under user derived conditions or via a driver operated switch. C125, C127, and C1212 can display 1 Camera Input, and C185, C187, C1812 can display up to 3 Camera Inputs. Note : There must be a USB port on the back of your dash for the display to work, as some earlier hardware models did not have video or USB. 

IP 69 Rated
170 Degree Field of View 
960x576 Resolution
3/4 in Mounting Hole Flush Mount or 2 screw Bracket Mount installation
-30°C - 75°C Operating Temperature Range.
Plug  : DTM06-3S (mating connector and solid pins supplied..)

This is a 3rd party device, not affiliated with MoTeC. 

The pinout is:

  1. Ground-black
  2. Video output-yellow
  3. 12V supply-red

MoTeC C125, C127, C1212 Associated Pins:

  1.  Dash Pin 9 - Sensor Ground/Video Ground
  2.  Dash Pin 24 - Video Input
  3.  Dash Pin 33 - Battery Positive