Blink Marine Keybox - Compatible with MoTeC Dashloggers and ECUMaster Dashloggers/PMUs

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Keybox Power Distribution Module Kit, 12V, 10A (KB312V-10A)
Preprogrammed for Aftermarket 1Mb CAN Systems. CANOpen Slave. Includes all Connectors and Terminals.


The 12 Volt, 10 Amp Keybox is a compact and versatile smart relay module that allows you to extend the amount of outputs your Dashs  By utilizing its CAN bus interface and high-power outputs, Keybox can be used in “slave” mode with complex systems (MoTeC ADL3, All C12x and C18x Line; ECUMaster PMU, ADU. It is a cost effective approach to add more outputs to any of these systems without requiring an expensive Standalone PDM/PMU.

Includes 1 - Surlok Connector, 1 - Cinch connector, and 20 - 18AWG Cinch Terminals.


•  13 12v Outputs (11 - 10 Amp Capable and 2 - 3 Amp Capable)
•  Maximum 120 Amps Load across all 13 Outputs.
•  Replaceable automotive mini blade fuses for overcurrent protection.
•  Cinch header connector SHS 18 pin.
•  Parallelable outputs (increases the current rating).
•  Isolated relay outputs.

11 Switched Circuits that Include:
•  Circuits rated up to 10A at 12V.

2 Solid-State Switched Circuits that Include:
•  Pulse-width modulation of output voltage for dimming capability.
•  Circuits rated up to 3A at 12V.

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Motec C125 Example                  Download
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