Setup and Installation of Can-Utils on linux . (2022 update)

If you are interested in understanding messages and data being transferred through a Controller Area Network, Linux has native support for a variety of hardware interfaces (Peak Pcan devices, Kvaser devices, and many more..). In this example, I'll walk through installation and setup of can-utils on any current Debian based distribution (so ubuntu, linux mint, raspberry pi os, etc)

Step 1: Open a terminal.

Step 2: In the terminal, download the package from Github using the following command..
git clone
Step 2

Step 3: type the following commands..
cd can-utils
sudo make install
Step 3.1
Step 3.2

Congratulations! You are ready to use Can-Utils, you can now delete the git repository downloaded by typing the following command..
sudo rm -r can-utils/

Continue to check periodically as I will be going through many of the programs can-utils offers!